Friday, October 5, 2007


While I experiment and lately seem to be on a dirtier kind of style binge, it's been nice to slip back into a polished look every now and then. Cleaner lines, subtler colours, maybe even more photorealistic styles just make me feel happy when the blend of an excellent texture and craftsmanship lifts something from 'pretty' to 'stunning'. I've found a couple of items that fit that category the last few days, and would like to share them with you.

The title is exactly how I would describe this hairstyle, and funnily enough is the name of it, from Armidi. Seeing the coverage on SCD I had to check out the sim myself, and was directed to a small piece of land with this hair available with a few others, which they had debuted at the Hair Fair 2007. Looking closely at the textures involved, I'm in pure amazement at the quality, it looks almost like each prim piece was uniquely highlighted, and the thickness of the hair gives it the realistic appearance of depth and weight. They have been hyped since the building of the store began, with more exposure probably about to bombard the feeds, but this is completely warranted. They rival ETD in quality, sheer value for money and colour tones available.

It so happened I was looking for a darker skin tone to play with, and the mocha tones of the hair motivated me to find some demo's, through which I decided to get a fatpack from Minnu. While I have some of the paler tones , and love them, once I tried on the darks I got that little rush, where I think i should be ashamed I feel so alive just by shopping, but the skin was so well highlighted and the makeup so well drawn I got shivers. The last time that happened was when I finally came across Lovey's. Although Minnu is not cheap, at 1150L per skin it's definitely worth the indulgence and i would recommend if you like one, to splurge and get a fatpack. Anyone who makes skin gets my utmost respect.

While I was buying the hair, I noticed the Elephant Outfitters had a sale there also. I picked up the Preppy Polkies set from a section by Rummage for 90L, thats full price as it is new stock, which seems very cheap. You can split up the sweater and top, or wear them together, they all come on the jacket layer. You may also notice I'm wearing the Karamia shorts again, I can't find too many shorts that I want to wear everywhere, but these and Savvy's Lucas shorts are just my cup of tea.

Not so secret but awesome to behold are shoe creations by Maitreya, noticeably the Enchant Leopard selection I couldn't walk away from. Take a look at the heel shapes and tell me they aren't the most well-crafted shoes you've ever seen. The pattern makes more sense close up, where I would assume the work was painstaking, because it looks seamless and has a real kind of suede fabric appearance.

Also worth mentioning are the Heart Shell Screens by Corduroy. The team behind the name have created some wonderful clothing and furniture items, including this screen and more to choose from.

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