Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Were back Sorta :)

I would like to first point out that this is ALL mariyas fault. Her new blog:Chigon

And also I have posted this here because mine and Eyva’s new blog artists tea party isn’t linked up yet :(. I don’t normally post just outfits but I thought it might be fun as this is a style of blogging that seems to work nicely.

Moving swiftly on to the outfit. This is an outfit that just clicked as soon as I saw this skirt. Its part of a dress from thimbles a shop I was recently introduced to (I know slow on the uptake or what). The top is an old favourite of mine from glam. I also used this bolero from the panther outfit from Timberry.


Timberry is a brilliant shop and well worth a look, run by my friend Vewitful young he really is pushing the female silhouette in SL which is uncommon territory. I love wearing bright colours with chunky thick tights. It keeps the look young and more modern. The shoes are some really old ones I found floating round the bedlam of my inventory.

I don’t normally wear MMS skins but I needed something that was clean and pretty so this was an obvious choice. Part of her new makeups the red tones worked well with the skirt. The hair I literly picked up just this second from Maitreya, I’m still not sure how iv missed it every time iv been in there but I guess you learn something new everyday.

Hair : Maitreya
Skin : Diva 6
Bolreo : Timberry
Top: Glam
Necklace: Miam Miam
Skirt : Thimbles
Clutch/Bag : +aya V+ AM
Tights : Glam
Shoes : 1800 Bettys

Righto I think that sums it all up…. If you cant wait until the next time I move my lazy bum and post something be sure to pick up the forth coming glam world issue I have a column in it that this month is on androgyny on men and woman.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Destinations: A Time For Quiet Reflection

Rest, relaxation. Sometimes we just want to get away from it all. A little space to unwind, and just detach from the busy day for a while. Let's face it, the constant updates from favourite designers and new ones through Fashcon, the juggling of IM's from friends, customers, and perfect strangers, the little things you simply HAVE to do inworld, meetings, building, scripting, testing designs, it all builds up and before you know it logging in one morning becomes a chore. A holiday spot would be nice, even just somewhere pretty to go where there's no death metal or Kenny G making your ears bleed and you can just cruise.

I have a little place for you. I was looking around, sightseeing, and came across the Virgin Islands. More specifically, Hosoi Ichiba. When you land you will notice the Japanese architecture, of an old-style market built within luscious gardens, and itself surrounding a peace garden. In the mood for some relaxation, I at first turned around and walked through the gorgeous wooden roofed bridge to investigate a village I could see not too far away.

Walking through the village, I admired the huts and purchased one of the sweet chimes hanging from the gate. Blowing gently in the breeze, the soft chimes were soothing and I figured I could use some soothing at home. Backtracking down the path I took a turn and spotted a Samurai house. What attracted my attention was not the house itself but the onsen, a hot spa, right on the water. Perfect for some time to pause and think.

After a soak, I headed down another path, and after passing by some scenic lookouts decorated with meditation pillows, came across a clearing. There was a fishing village here, complete with a few boats, and some of the latest catch hanging outside one of the huts. I sat on the bank, watching the sun sparkle on the water, and after a pause, decided to see what was inside the market.

What is great about the market is that it incorporates itself into the garden, and the overall atmosphere of the place. Surrounded by garden, and in turn surrounding a small peace garden, the markets do not interrupt the calmness, the buildings themselves are well crafted which only enhances the atmosphere. I headed back to the main entrance and walked inside. Straight ahead I noticed a tea room, and sat down for a humble drink. Glancing around I noticed a few people were actually doing Tai Chi just outside, and decided to give it a try. No-one spoke, and before long I saw a stunning red tower I had to investigate.

A cute surprise was the Japanese rock garden I happened through on my way, perfect to sit by and reflect on, if they work for you. I headed through and over to the tower, which was in fact some kind of temple, complete with shrine and tools for worship. Browsing around I saw some well crafted rickshaws, and took a look at the homewares available in the market. If I'd been a little less poor after emptying PC yesterdayI would've bought a lot more.

I still haven't finished exploring properly, but around each corner I found something else to enjoy, a quiet spot to sit, a small garden, or a beautiful decor piece I wanted to buy. The construction and layout of the sim is wonderful, the texturing colours are bright and beautiful but not garish, and the design looks well thought out and built, but still keeps an element of wilderness and a root to nature with it. Hosoi Ichiba is a tranquil haven to relax and take a break, and I thoroughly enjoyed my all too short visit.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blogday Updates

The new viewer, with Caliah's handy windlight help

- The harsh light of Windlight can again be conquered by following Caliah's tips over at Soigne. She also has a handy slurl to her store Muse, where you can pick yourself up a facelight. I'm always curious to see how other people play with their settings and Canimal's also got some settings you can download and tinker with yourself.

- Elysium Eilde, talented photographer and [ida] staff member, has taken some wild bitchfight shots at Photographing SL. Apparently there was some argument about who's taking the wardrobe home after a shoot, and all hell breaks loose.

- If you're looking for somewhere new to visit, or just feel like tp'ing around, stop by b-places a site which accurately lists the most popular places in SL. Forget the Popular Places tab, as New World Notes has reported, the listings on it are usually manipulated by camping chairs and bots. B-places is a slurl list of sims voted worth visiting byr esidents who have actually been there, no cheating involved.

- Cory Edo has done it again, with new release furniture designed for the Arc Luxury Lodge. Gorgeous, low prim pieces at a very affordable price, see the Arc set at Content Confessionals, where you will also find gorgeous prefab stores and houses.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Arts - Shoshana Epsilon

Photographer and mentor, Shoshana Epsilon has a strong passion for her art, constantly striving to show the beauty in SL® and sharing her skills with anyone willing to further their own. Fomerly a curator at the Cannery, Shoshana is a well-respected and loved member of the arts community, with permanent homes in several galleries across the grid.

You'll get to see her latest works when she becomes the official featured artist for the Avatrait gallery this month. Avatrait is an interesting company that recreates SL® photography into RL prints, and their gallery at Simuality is becoming one of the grid's most popular, with associated artists such as Kimberley Mirabeau, who was previously featured, and Stephen Venkman and Codebastard Redgrave, who serve on the advisory board.

Specializing in in-world photography with no post-processing, Shoshana's showing will open April 12, 1pm SL® and all pictures will be available for one-off sale, meaning once you own the picture you will be the only person to do so. The exhibition promises to be raw and a bit daring, and will be open for viewing for the rest of the month. A visit is highly recommended, and if you're curious, you can see some of Shoshana's current works at Artropolis.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


On now at Cotton Candy and also Old Town. You can also pick up a gorgeous Hippo, the good kind, and I grabbed an opportunity to make my own ad, full of intelligent mockiness.

[CRAP] I'd rather wear nothing than wear....


forget it.

Sale on now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Key Pieces

Has anyone else noticed that over the last couple of months there seems to have been a massive jump in the amount of designers with extraordinary talent? Or should I say, the large number of designers whose skills just seemed to increase tenfold? Armidi already had strongly skilled artists when the sim was revealed a while ago now, but with the new additions of designers who were creative forces on their own, the overall skillset is phenomenal. But it's not just larger labels that have grown. MG Fashion was already a cute store with quality items, but Maria Gherardi really seemed to come into her own with her self named release Maria, a set of detailed blouses and silk skirts, and since then each piece has highlighted her skill with beautiful textures and uniquely shaped sculpties.

Quite often I find myself challenged in the personal style department. Finding it all too easy to go overboard and try to wear everything I just bought all at once, I'm learning, I hope, to tone it down when the time suits. For these pictures I have selected a key piece purchased over the last week, mixed in with some classic staples in my wardrobe. I'm still continuing to fight the urge to wear everything I own of a particular designer all at once, so bear with me.

Available in a wide range of colours, this jumpsuit from Armidi immediately brought JLo - superponytail - gold bling - to mind but I overlooked my first instinct and purchased this one in Cornflower. So instead I went a little wrong side of town with this one and roughed it up with some dramatic lips, which is actually a free skin from Rosemar. This piece just seems to highlight exactly what I'd hoped for from the designers, the shading, textures and seams are excellent, the sculpties needed no adjustment. From my own experience making simple jeans I appreciate how hard it is to make a whole denim outfit.

Elegance is a running theme I notice when I visit MG, and the Hunting Season sweater is no exception. Maria does warm winter clothing very well, I'm a big fan of her natural fibre-feeling texturing and the subtle colour options. A couple of items from G.L.A.M. have become go-to pieces, and the buttoned trousers I have on show why. When you visit the store you can see they offer basically everything you need to build up your wardrobe, as well as more statement items.

I pieced together this look beginning with the makeup. Being oblivious to Gala Phoenix's work until the Skin Fair, I was giddy when trying the demos, and now am slowly purchasing the entire range as I can afford it. Along with Roberta Beauchamps' Wax Poetic lines, Gala was the standout for me, her faces look realistic while still creating unique looks with each makeup option. Some skin designers make the skin tone then just tint the eyeshadow, but Gala and Roberta both create whole new looks, even with subtle makeups. Also loving the Armidi pants, they seem very rock n roll, and these chucks I've had forever from Old Gravy.

Review Copies - Nu Rave Glasses by Royal Blue were a gift.
Friends List - Yes, Jumpsuit and Nu Rave Glasses.


Hair - Mirai Natu in Coco
Jumpsuit - Armidi Limited in Cornflower
Glasses - Royal Blue - Nu Rave Glasses in Pink
Shoes - Stiletto moody - Pump & Anklestrap in Black
Skin - Rosemar - Creampuff in Twine **FREE
Ring - P.C. - Emerald ring
Necklace - Miam Miam - Layered necklace with beads
Eyes - Tuli - Amber eyes

Hair - Armidi - St Moritz in Smoked Nutshell
Top - MG Fashion - Hunting Season Sweater in Cream
Pants - G.L.A.M. - Buttoned Trousers in White
Shoes - Armidi Gisaci - Dhali Bow Platforms in Bole
Skin - LF Chai - Honey in Siyu
Ring - Yummy - Juicy Ring
Eyes - Tuli - Amber eyes

Hair - Aden - Edie in Black
Top - Last Call - Hunt Club Jumper in Black
Pants - Armidi Limtied - Kogo Skinny Pants in Ruby Red
Brassiere - Artilleri - Deanna Brassiere Top in Cherry Black
Skin - Gala Pheonix - Opaline - Doily Eyes
Eyes - Fashionable Dead - Green Eyes
Bandage - The Syndicate - Violence Solves Everything Bracer
Necklace - Yummy - Mini Robot Necklace

Thursday, March 20, 2008

[Review] Detour Skins

Detour has just opened up in the last few weeks and there new line of skins is defiantly starting to get noticed. These skins with elegant features and rich skins tones are going to be a welcome addition to your inventories bursting seams. This is defiantly for all the skin aficionados out there.

Skin - Detour - Cassie 3
Eyes - Detour -Sigma Blue
Lashes - Detour- Drama
Hair - Truth- Di in silver
Undies - Love Lace- Roseete Black
Necklace - Smitten - Chunky Boho Opalescent necklace

A cleaver thing about this line is that its not just one skin with 50 different makeup’s. Each set has a different face and different styles almost like a skin personality. I really love this touch it means that there’s going to be something for everyone.

The first thing that catch you eye is the colour of all the makeup, they’re very bright and fun. Using bright and jewel tones to creating eye catching and unusual looks. The eyes are defiantly the focus of these skins with a lot of cat’s eyes flicks and contrasting shadow. I think it takes a really god designer to make greens and red work but this skinner defiantly know how to use colour.

Left to right Tatiana 3, Stephanie 3, Stephanie 2, Rachel 1, Nina 2, Nari 2, Cassie 3, Anais 3

With undies from Love Lace in Pink satin and aya V Long Pearl Necklace (hair as before)

The eyebrows as you can see are excellent, elongated and elegant they frame you face and defiantly avoid the common Sl eyebrows pitfalls, of ether trannie brows or caterpillars.

I strange but often neglected feature of skin are the ears, detour has the cutest ears I’ve seen as of yet in SL. They look real and ready to hear your songs of niceness (black books quote)

Below the naked Image and NSFW



This is my favorite of them all the skin is rachel 1 and i just love how cupidy it makes my avi look, Iv pair it with the ryan hair from truth and nothing else :P

(iv covered certain bits becuase only mr grut gets to see those bits :P)

I think even though these skins are not doubt striking there still natural, the skin itself isn’t perfect it has texture and isn’t to glossy. The freckled ones are my favourite and I rarely like freckled skins.

The packs them seleves are 3k for four skin, a face lamp, four brow options and a complmenting shape for the skin (each skin has a diffrent shape)

Detour has many other items (i used a few in this post) the eyes are super real and the lashes are total glamour. They also sell hair, shoes , clothes and homewear.

Hit up the Detour sim!