Friday, September 14, 2007

Peek In The Closet

It began with a simple exploration, Marni found this cute shop Kurotsubaki, in Koenji. Mainly kimonos downstairs, and if you venture up the stairs you find some Western style clothing. There I found this blue short coat and fell in love.

The coat itself comes on the jacket layer, and has lovely texture to it. The jumper is on the shirt layer and the collar is part of that. It is awkward that the collar is no copy, I had to fiddle around a bit to get it the right size for my chicken neck and not make it TOO big, but the result was worth the few minutes' work. What really made me snap this up right away was the angling of the sleeve prims and the bottom hem, the front of the coat is cut away from the straight corner into a more sweeping front, and the sleeves give that bit of frilly fun without overcrowding the rest of the coat. All wintery fun.

I immediately went for the Boho hair from Cake to accentuate the warm woollen look, it's been around for a while, but I only got it a little while ago and will use any excuse to wear it. Same for the Maitreya boots, here shown in Burgundy, the dusky suede is very warming and the folds and creases in the boots are very realistic. I still have to go and get more colours of the belt I'm wearing too, from Studio Sidhe. It fit perfectly and I recommend the store highly, I had the good luck to meet the owner, Faery Sola, and she's wonderfully warm and down to earth.

Back to the grind for me, we're changing the look up around these parts and if you have any content requests or would like to mention anything you wanna see more or less of, please do.
Next week, 50 Cent: Can a guy who makes albums about cars, money and bitches really have a heart of gold? Research

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The List

Canimal - Innocence - Light - Aerial02

Cake - Boho - Black

Kurotsubaki - Short Coat - Viridian Kurotsubaki @ Koenji

Cake - Flea Market Bangles

Studio Sidhe - Grey Suede Double Belt

Tres Blah - Og JuJu Jeans

Maitreya - Dune Boots - Burgundy


Gillian Waldman said...

Awesome jacket indeed. And agree that Faery couldn't possibly be nicer :)

Lovely outfit

antonia marat said...

You look fab! Aaalmost makes me look forward to the winter. Almost.

Ana Lutetia said...


Whatsername said...

cute jacket! i went and bought half that shop earlier =O

Fae is awesome!
-Wednesday Soon

Choice Sliter said...

I searched and searched, but I could not find that store. Would you mind posting a SLURL?

Arianna Psaltery said...

That jacket is fab. I love the sleeves and collar ;)

Eyva Matova said...

Choice, will do ASAP.

Eyva Matova said...

Kurotsubaki @ Koenji

Choice Sliter said...

Many thanks :-)

melanieann said...

That coat is a spectacular find! Thank you for sharing :D