Saturday, August 18, 2007

PopFuzz Corsets 3 styles

When i ran into Miss Popfuzz and saw her wearing this corset set before it had even arrived on our shelves i knew i HAD to have it!I of coarse ended up with the fatpack, so here are the corsets in blue pink and gold in a few different outfits.

1.The classy look Aden Andy 3 hair in strawberry, loveys blueberry skin, foxy's cigarette and Tete a Peid sling back shoes. Popfuzz corset in blue

2.Vintage Vixen

This is a vintage look almost pin-up without being over "dressing up box", these shots show some nice close ups on just how well made this corset set actually is. Note the sculptie bows. Also i know for a fact the whole thing was handpainted with a mouse (yes i do mean that lace).
ETD Rachel chestnut, loveys cherry skin, stockings from Bettie's, corset as before.

3. a Little bit high fashion and a little bit punk

Now this is a look is you want to punk it up a bit, hot pink being colour of choice!
Kin Pur hair in pink , loveys bubblegum makeup, kyoot neck brace, socks from shop seu, Biker Boots from X3d.
Corset set as before.



Tenshi Vielle said...

Marni, you badass brit. I totally look forward to violating you once again at Pillow Talk. Bring the corsets.


Marni Grut said...